January Corrections

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hi everyone!

I'm going to attempt a monthly video series this year where toward the end of each month I share some (or all) of the corrections I've gotten that month. I've been feeling like I want to get back to the root of where our channel started, which was technique help, but as I talked about in this video I've been struggling the past couple of years with finding any improvements with my own work to pass along help to you all.

Since I've been feeling better, I've been making improvements and starting to feel back to my normal self so I'm excited to pass along any tips that click with me.

In this first video of the series I go over:

  • An alternative grand pliĆ© option for my fellow bad knee peeps
  • (Getting into) CoupĆ© balance
  • Keeping those arches lifted
  • Arabesque promenade
  • Using your eyes for quick direction changes
  • Squaring off your body between movement changes
  • Arm placement in fifth
  • Getting bigger jumps in grand allegro
I packed in a lot, and as this is the first of this type of video, I may find a better way to structure it as I go. And let me know if this feels like too much info in one video or if you like it!

- Jana

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