Perfect Fit Pointe Review!

Monday, February 13, 2017

As I mentioned in our Gift Guide video in December, I have been eager to get my hands on the latest in ballet accessory tech: a custom mold shoe insert by Perfect Fit Pointe!

The idea is that this special putty material will mold around your toes and the box of your pointe shoe, and then harden kind of like a rubber ball, so that you have some bendy support. The putty is meant to distribute itself naturally, therefore alleviating your pressure points. Did I find that it worked? Heck yes!

In the kit you get two sets of the putty (one white and one green for each foot), a pair of cloth covers, plastic sheets for the molding process, and a cute pouch to keep it all in.

To start, you take one jar of the green putty and one of the white, and mix them together with your fingertips. Then you place the mixed putty over the tops and tips of your toes and cover with the cloth piece.

Before you put your pointe shoe on, you'll want to put the plastic piece over your toes so that the oils from the putty don't bleed into your shoe. Then you'll want to work through demi pointe and full pointe -- since I have a longer second toe there were special instructions for the modeling process. 

When you're done you have a completely custom mold of your toes inside your pointe shoe!

I have found that these inserts are more comfortable and more supportive than my previous set up of a regular toe pad and a gel cover over my second toes. I am seriously impressed with this stuff! If you want to hear more about my review and molding process, check out the video review on YouTube! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this insert and whether or not you like it!

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Tracy said...

I would have killed for this product back when I was dancing professionally; we're talking 1992 when all we had was either lamb's wool, which sucks, or paper towels. How I wish we had all these new, amazing things. I think my career would have lasted longer if I hadn't been in constant pain!!

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