How To Make A Ballet Barre!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

This is Abby's original "recipe" for making a ballet barre like the ones you have seen in our videos! Follow along below and/or watch the video at the end!

First thing to do, get supplies! We use galvanized piping found at home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot (we've had the best luck at Lowe's). You'll find the piping in the plumbing section and it is offered in a variety of widths and lengths. This is where you can determine what width and length is best for you and your space.

For this barre, I'm using 3/4 inch width pieces, but 1 inch pieces are a good width as well. I'm making this one shorter than the barre you've seen in videos so I can move around my space easily when I am working by myself. You'll need to grab the following in all the same width:

  • Two 36" galvanized pipes
  • One 36" or longer galvanized pipe
  • Four 8" galvanized pipes (4" also works)
  • Two 3/4 inch T connectors
  • Six 90* Elbows

As a heads up, all of this will probably run you $70-90 depending on the lengths you choose.

You will also want to grab a can of spray paint in whatever color you want! This is partly fun, and partly necessity because the piping is messy and leaves a residue on your hands.

Now it's time to put it all together! Start with two of the 36" pipes. Attach one of the T connectors to each and then connect the 8" pipes to the ends of the T connectors.

Then attach elbow pieces to the ends of your 8" pipes to essentially create the "feet". When you twist these on they may not reach their tightest point at the correct angle (one of mine was facing up). You'll just have to adjust it to be slightly less or slightly more tight to get it so the end is flat against the ground:

Now take another elbow piece and attach it to the top of one of the legs you've created, lay the leg on the ground, and screw the third 36" inch (or whatever length you've chosen) pipe into the elbow. 

At this point I highly recommend getting another set of hands to finish this! As you'll see in the video, I had a couple mishaps trying to do this by myself (one leg fell and hit my camera, then the other fell back and put a hole in my wall!!).

Attach your last elbow piece to the end of the pipe you've just connected to the leg. Then flip the barre so the "top" piece is on the ground. Take your other leg you've created and attach it to the open elbow piece. A second set of hands can hold on to the first leg so it keeps everything stable while you attach the second!

And voila! A ballet barre! For reference, the one behind me is with 1" piping and a 6ft pipe on top, spray painted silver.

Now grab your can of spray paint and head outside! I chose a gold color this time in a brushed metallic finish. You can certainly do a matte finish as well if you fancy that!

If you make your own barre we'd love to see the results! Tag us @ballerinasbynight on Instagram!


Candace Pankanin said...

Thus is such a good idea. You must be technically inclined to attempt and excel in the making. Thank you for sharing
I an a senior and have the desire to do ballet Bar exercises for strength and lengthening

dancer_millier91 said...

Do you two have any advice on what I can use for flooring to practice barre? I have carpet in my apartment and would like something that I can easily put away when I'm done.

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