March Goals

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Well, March is almost over and I never published my March Goals post! That just goes to show how this month has been going!

Life outside of ballet has been really busy. For the most part I've only been able to make it to class one night a week all month, so I've been trying my best to give myself barre at home and take a couple walks a day. The weather here has been all over the place though so it's made that a little difficult. No excuses though, right?!

Instead of listing goals, as I only have one more class left that I can attend this month, I will just update you on a few things!

First off, I got fitted for new pointe shoes. For some reason my second toes have been in really bad pain on pointe lately. My second toes are the longest, so I've always had to deal with more pain there than anywhere else, but this was worse. I decided I better go to the store to try on shoes rather than order a bunch on Discount Dance and potentially have to send them all back. I also found this site and this site about toes shapes and became obsessed with learning more about pointe shoe fitting!

Anyway, I ended up with my same type of shoe (Bloch Balance European) in the same length, but a 2X instead of 1X. I also had to get them in hard shanks because they said my feet were too strong for the regular ones! Whaa?! That might be the most exciting thing anyone has ever said to me, haha :) Here they are:

I wore them to class for the first time on Tuesday night and my second toes were pain-free! Thank goodness! I also wore toe spacers between my first and second toes for the first time ever and I think that helped a lot. I'll keep you guys updated!

During this Tuesday's barre stretch before center, I did a big cambré back that felt so good. Like I could just bend and bend and it felt good. It's been a few years since I've felt that. Back flexibility isn't a priority to me, but that moment did feel pretty good and I see how people can get obsessed with that kind of thing.

Really that's about all the updates from me this month. I did get to go see the Ballet 422 documentary and I highly recommend it! I can write a review if you guys are interested. And tonight I'm going to see The Royal Ballet's Swan Lake streamed to my local movie theater! I shared a link on our Facebook page if you want to see if it's playing in your area!

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