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Thursday, February 19, 2015

One of the luxuries of being an adult is that you never ever have to wear pink tights to ballet class if you don't want to :) For me, I've been more comfortable in black tights ever since puberty! I've gone through many a pair but have now found my two most favorite black tights ever.

First up is the incredibly inexpensive Theatricals Adult Footless Tights. They are thin, but sturdy, super soft, and the biggest perk: the waistband isn't super tight! Since I have a short torso my hips can sometimes feel like they're practically at my boobs, but with these tights I can wear them lower on my waist without them sliding back up. I like this for two reasons: 1) I feel like it gives me the illusion of a longer torso and 2) It keeps me in check with engaging the "belly button to spine" placement.

I have three pairs of these tights that I've been rotating through over the past year and I have yet to have one snag or run (I say this and now I probably will!). For $6.25 a pair, there's no reason not to order them!

 My second favorite pair of black tights is the Eurotard Ankle Length Legging. Unlike the Theatricals tights, these are pretty much opaque, which is super slimming. Because they are called a legging they are thicker than regular ballet tights, but they are just as stretchy! The waistband is super wide so it makes it extra comfortable on those bloated days. Here are some photos of them:

These run about $18 from Discount Dance also come in capri length if that's more your style!

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Polly Sue said...

Great tip! Are you saying the theatricals tights are low rise? I also have a short torso and love tights that I can pull way way up. I've been wearing Assets ( by Spanx) brand footless leggings from Kohls. I just found the best jazz tap pants that have a higher rise and suck it all in at Sam's Club -- boot cut leggings .

Ballerinas By Night said...

I wouldn't categorize the Theatricals tights as low rise, but more that they stay put (on me at least!) high or low without being too tight. I can definitely pull them up high! I will have to look for those Assets leggings at Kohls! Thanks for your comment :)

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