Sleek Pointe Shoe Ribbon Tying

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Since we've been on the topic of pointe shoes lately, I thought I would share another way to tie your pointe shoe ribbons that I learned about a month ago (we have another version here)! I had never seen this technique before but it allows you to get that sleek, knotless look. It would also be really great for sewing your ribbons together if you are performing!

1. Start with your outside ribbon. Wrap it around your ankle (I like to flex my foot when I do this).

2. Then take the inside ribbon and wrap it around your ankle. When you take it around, keep it below where the outside ribbon is already placed. You will probably need to wrap it around twice, so when you do, keep the ribbon aligned together.

First wrap

Second wrap

3. Double knot the two ends of your ribbon together where there is a dip next to your ankle bone. Then fold together the leftover ends and tuck them under the ribbon.

4. Then run your finger gently under the inside ribbon all the way around to the knot. This will give you a small amount of slack at the knot to move the ribbon up and completely hide your knot. It's a very small adjustment, but very effective!


I've also done a video version of this, so make sure to check that out below:

Thank you to my teacher, Pat, for sharing this technique!

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Anja said...

thank you, this was very helpful. i always have problems with stupid knots, but this helps immensely!

Ballerinas By Night said...

So glad to hear that! Thank you!

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