Improving Low Arches

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 This week I am discussing a topic that has been very prominent in my ballet life: flat feet.

Feet are a very big deal when it comes to ballet. They complete the leg line and look so pretty in pointe shoes. That is, for people with naturally normal to high arches.

I have what are called Flexible Flat Feet. There is an arch in my foot when there is no weight on it, but when standing it is flat. I struggled with the appearance of my feet (standing and pointing) until about age 27 when Abby helped me concentrate on finding their full potential. Now I am okay with my feet and sometimes I even like them! ;)

In this video I share some tips that helped me improve the strength and flexibility in my feet. The best thing is, I hardly spent any time outside of ballet class working on my feet, so this video is really about being aware of the opportunities that are provided in class to concentrate on your feet.

If you are struggling with low arches I hope this video will give you something to look forward to working on in your next class!

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