Fun Combos!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My metatarsals decided to cut me a break two weeks ago and I fully got to enjoy the combos in my Monday afternoon class! I made it through the entire class and only modified a few things (i'm talkin' to you, italian fouette). I'm still not holding balances as long as I would like, but they were an improvement this day compared to the previous week.

After I got home I did some light stretching to keep working on my damn left hamstring. It's SO tight. I need to do a penché comparison photo to show you just how bad it is! And then I put on my pointe shoes to do some relevés so I could work my calves a bit more without overdoing the pressure on the balls of my feet.

I've cut a small amount of the shank on these shoes to help me get all the way over the platforms. I had never done that before so I was cautious about cutting too much, but it did help some so I think I will go in and cut a bit more.

Then I headed over to our business (my husband owns & operates a micro brewery) to work on some product photos and to start decorating the taproom for Christmas!

I share all of this and more in a vlog-style video where you can also watch the center combos we did in class! Watch it here and give the video a "thumbs up" if you enjoy it!

Hope you all are having a great start to your December!

- Jana


Lisa Richards said...

I've had that little wiggly line thing in the edge of my vision before. It almost sounds like what people have with a migraine, only I didn't have a headache. Hmmm. I'm 61 and looking into ballet as exercise. I may have to do it at home (not in the budget) so I'm looking for videos that I can just follow along with. I don't have any major body malfunctions, but I do notice the tiniest ache in the top of my knee when doing some workouts, so I'll watch that. I'm loving your videos and blog! You ladies impress me with your dancing abilities!

Unknown said...

I too lost my mom and ballet is the one activity that still brings me joy. Please post more center en pointe combos because the one you did was really good and I like to practice at home to get stronger. Thank you so much for all you do.

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