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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Abby shares this brilliant guide to some of her favorite educational and fun ballet books! There's something in here for everyone, so here's a breakdown of her thoughts she shares in this video!

by Eliza Gaynor Minden

This book is like a crash course for ballet! Good for the adult ballet beginner, it's a great reference with visuals. It goes over the elements of barre and center work and as well as basic terminology, dealing with dance injuries, and the history of ballet.

by Agrippina Vaganova

Not the easiest reading, but very good information about the Vaganova technique.

by Vera S. Kostrovitskaya

This book is essentially the entire syllabus for Vaganova training. It's a very good resource for teaching Vaganova or gaining a better understand of the Vaganova background.

by Rory Foster

A book intended for pedagogy training at the collegiate level, this includes information about class structures, musicality, and other elements related to teaching. This is a good read for adult dancers, even if you aren't interested in teaching, because as adults we can take in more information cognitively, and understanding the "whys" behind teaching can help us during class.

by Gretchen Ward Warren

Your basic visual ballet dictionary with just about every ballet step you could imagine! Great reference with beautiful pictures.

by Gayle Kassing and Danielle M. Jay

This book may be good for the adult dancer who has been dancing awhile and wants to understand further the elements of class and technique. There is information on planning classes, which can be beneficial if you want to give yourself class. 

by Jordan Matter

A fun coffee table book full of photos of dancers doing pedestrian things or in pedestrian situations. This makes a great gift!

by Jacqui Greene Haas

If you're interested in what muscles you're working when doing certain movements or want to know how to cross train better for dancing, this book is a great guide with great illustrations and explanations!

by ABT Medical Advisory Board

This is the ABT guide you can purchase without taking the National Teaching Certification Curriculum courses. It goes over anatomy, kinesiology, dance related injuries, turnout, pointe work, development in health, etc. This is a very good book if you are a teacher or a parent of a dancer.

by Cyril W. Beaumont and Stanislas Idzikowski

This book covers the theory and technique of Ceccehetti by taking you through all the different elements of ballet class.


We hope there's something on this list that suits you (or might make a good gift for a dancer!). Let us know in the comments what your favorite ballet books are!

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