Happy New Year and FREE GIFT!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I recently uploaded a video about overcoming our fear to reach our goals, and it has gotten such a positive and overwhelming response. It inspired me to go even further to help everyone reach their goals in 2019!

My FREE GIFT to you for this year is this goals planner, which takes you through the entire year with a journal to help you set and achieve your goals!

Take the challenge to set aside any fears you may have that are keeping you from taking that next step! Although the planner is written specifically for ballet, my hope is that you will use it for ballet and beyond.

This planner is downloadable and printable, so that you can decide what you want to attain and work daily towards those goals.

Take those chances and let's help each other make this year amazing! Let's knock it out of the park!


Natalie said...

Thank you for this cool planner! I am going to figure out how to incorporate it into my everyday life planner. I realized recently that fear of foot pain is holding me back in ballet class (and practicing at home), and I'm really going to work on figuring out how to care for my feet while still giving everything I can in class. In fact, I took the first step today by doing a barre at home. Thanks for all the inspiration! ~Natalie

Crystal Piché said...

Thanks for the planner!Maybe you can make a video about your progress using your planner and some conditioning recommendations!

Oli Seifert-Gram said...

This is fantastic! Thank you, my ideas feel much more organized, and achievable. This was my first week en pointe (at 24 years old), and you two have been a huge help in getting me here. Your planner and wise words are really going to help me moving forward, too!

It's thanks to you two that I felt like I could really dance seriously without wanting to/being able to go pro in the first place. Dancing has made me so happy, so thank you both for your hard work and your strength.

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