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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bloch "Performa", Capezio "Hanami", SoDanca "Bliss"

Anyone else a fan of the stretch canvas shoe trend right now? I now own three pairs so let me tell you how that happened :)

Abby introduced me to the SoDanca "Bliss" shoe when I was visiting her in 2016. I loved how the shoe hugged my foot like a sock and that the padding on the split soles was thicker than most shoes. There is no draw string and the shoes come pre-sewn so you can literally buy them and walk into class - which is exactly what I did. There is something so satisfying about that!

I have gone through three pairs of the SoDanca shoes since then. When I went to order a new pair from Discount Dance recently, I saw there was a new Bloch stretch canvas shoe called the "Performa". I like the coloring from Bloch flat shoes and had been wanting to try a flesh toned shoe, so in my cart they went. I didn't realize at the time that they were on backorder, so I toughed it out with my holy SoDancas a while longer. When the Bloch shoes still hadn't arrived before I was headed to Kansas City, I went to my local store to get another pair of SoDancas.

While at the dance store, they recommended I try Capezio's stretch canvas shoe, the "Hanami", because it was most popular. It fit like a glove as well (tip: go up a 1/2 size from street shoe) and I liked that the sides were lower than the SoDanca shoe. Anything I can do to help out my super low profile foot :) So I was pleased with that purchase! And then guess what arrived while I was in Kansas City? The Bloch shoes :)

Bloch "Performa", Capezio "Hanami", SoDanca "Bliss"

I have yet to wear the Bloch shoes to class, but guys, I cannot wait. They fit perfectly, the elastics come pre-sewn, the sides are low, the color makes my leg line look so long, and the best part of all is the size of the metatarsal pad! It is wider than both the Capezio and SoDanca, which feels super supportive for me and my metatarsalgia tendencies. It has almost a cupping feeling around the ball of the foot. It feels so nice! I will keep you posted on my thoughts after wearing them to class!

Bloch "Performa"
So, basically, I feel like you can't go wrong with any of these shoes! They are all very similar, but as someone who loves to analyze the differences in shoes, I thought I would share my thoughts for those in the market to order a pair!

Do you wear stretch canvas shoes? What's your fave and how long do they last you? Comment below!



Jessica said...

Hi, Jana, and thanks--I am using regular canvas shoes, and they never seem to fit right, so stretch is in my future. Could you tell me the size of your So Danca, for comparison? And is the heel on the Blochs bunchy?

Diane said...

I've tried a lot of shoes! I grew up wearing leather shoes because that's all there was, so canvas is new to me as an adult. I've found in my not-so-old age I've become very picky about how my shoes feel under the ball of my foot = no lumps! I also cut a small round of thin insoles to put under the ball of my foot for some extra padding without bulk.
Bloch Zenith - look & feel great but I do not like how the shoe moves under my foot when I turn.
Capezio Juliet - both canvas & leather fit great + no lumps + shoe stays in place with movement. Give the shoe 2 classes to form to your foot and break in.
Performa - just the right amount of stretch to fit and form, but the shoe feels secure and in place
Grishko - I can't get a good fit - one size is too small and the next too big.
A note on leather shoes - best on wood floors - too sticky on marley

Micheal Alexander said...

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