Review: MDM Intrinsic Ballet Slipper

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's no surprise to you all that I like technology and ballet! Luckily the two get combined fairly often in dancewear, and I'm always curious to give things a try!

I was searching Discount Dance for a new pair of flat shoes since my current pair (Capezio Juliet in canvas) are just about toast. The things I love about the Juliet are the low profile and thinness of the fabric, while still being sturdy (I don't like super stretchy fabric). It hugs my foot in a flattering way and helps me stay lifted in my arches. The thing I don't like about them is how they don't hug my arch on demi-pointe. I like them in every other way, so I will definitely re-order them, but as things go with browsing Discount Dance, a new shoe caught my eye and I decided to give it a try!

The shoe I ordered is called the "Intrinsic" Split-Sole Ballet Slipper by the brand MDM. I ordered the canvas version, though they do make a leather version as well. Basically the inside of the shoe is a full-sole made of neoprene. And it's PINK! So cute! The neoprene goes all the way up the back of the heel. It takes a good one or two classes to get used to the slightly raised heel feeling, but it does make a difference in how long you can stand on your feet. The idea is that the padded full-sole on the inside will help strengthen muscles in the feet and legs, while the split-sole on the outside still provides flattering arch hugging, where traditional full-sole shoes have fallen short.

I would definitely agree that the sole makes you work your feet harder. I feel like my pointe doesn't look that great in this shoe right now, which makes me want to avoid wearing it, but I feel like I should push through to see if I really can gain some more strength in my feet!
I talk further about this and show them on my feet in them in this video below, so check it out! And let me know if you've tried this shoe!

- Jana

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Unknown said...

Hi, I realise this is a rather old post(!), but I just bought a pair of these shoes in leather, and I haven't watched your video yet (it's on my save list, I'll watch it tonight) - was wondering what you thought of the inside of the shoe?
It's marketed as "heat reducing kashmir", it feels like nasty scratchy nylon! I've only slipped them onto bare feet so far, I'm curious how they will react with tights.

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