February Goals

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I really enjoyed starting off 2015 by sharing a list of January Goals. It helped me keep my mind clear on my long-term goal (being able to dance as long as I possibly can) and it gave me some much needed structure and purpose.

Because I enjoyed the list-making so much, I've decided to keep this going for the rest of 2015! Every month I will post updates on how the previous month's goals went and then include my goals for the current month!

J a n u a r y  E v a l u a t i o n

My biggest goal in January was to cut back on classes to give my poor body a break. I've been dealing with tendonitis in my right hip flexor for a year and I knew I needed to cut back, but I was scared. It turns out this was the best thing I could have done for myself! Cutting back to two classes a week has allowed my body to have plenty of rest days, but I haven't cut back so much that I feel like I'm losing strength or technique. In fact, quite the opposite has happened. I'm going to less classes, but I'm doing more productive work, so I actually have been making improvements! It's that whole quality over quantity thing. Wake up call! :) 

My other goals, like drinking more water, doing pilates once a week, and getting a massage were all there to supplement my healing and my overall well-being. I've kept up with all of those goals except I haven't been to get a massage yet! My skin looks healthier and my body in general has been happier since upping my water intake. And the pilates helps me with my breathing, balance, and core strength. All things that are very helpful in ballet class!

F e b r u a r y  G o a l s 

Continue attending two classes a week. Right now I'm going Tuesday and Thursday nights. I'm going to give myself permission to add a third class if I'm feeling particularly good one week, but again, I don't want to push the feeling good too far.

Add more head & upper body movement. I've always been very timid about using my head and upper body with my dancing. For some reason in December I started to let that fear go and it feels really good. I want to keep working on it to conquer that fear of doing it wrong or looking silly! I feel like using your head and upper body is the last step to feeling like you're really dancing. Which is probably why it's so hard!

Start doing center combinations on pointe. I put my pointe shoes on in class in December for the first time in probably a year and half. We've been doing some pointe work on Tuesday nights at the end of barre and then taking them off for center work - until two weeks ago! We kept them on and did three combinations in the center. My toes were b-u-r-n-i-n-g by the last combo! But I can already tell I'm gaining back strength and flexibility in my feet just from working in them one night a week. 

Take Beyondbarre class one day a week. I was trying to do this during January as well, but due to my changing schedule I don't always make it every week. I like this workout because while it does incorporate some ballet-ish technique, it isn't ballet, and I think it's good for me to let loose while still building total body strength and increasing my stamina. It's also the only time I ever workout my arms!! Maybe I need to add arm workouts to my March goals...

Remember to use my feet "tripods"! I've been so tense the past year that I realized in Beyondbarre class last month that I've barely been putting any weight in my heels - like ever! Don't do this!! I think I've been so obsessed with not sitting back in my heels that I just eliminated putting weight on them altogether. But this actually makes everything much harder. I need to find the balance of having control while staying relaxed!

What are your dance goals for February? 

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