January Goals

Friday, January 9, 2015

I've completed my first week of ballet classes after the three week holiday break! Because it's a new year and I'm craving some structure in my routine, I've decided to give myself specific goals for this month that I want to share with you all (and you can keep me held accountable!).

Drink lots of water! Abby mentioned this on our Facebook page as one of her goals this year and it immediately reminded me that I need to be conscious of staying hydrated. I've been keeping track of my intake for just two days now and I can already see the impact it's having on my complexion. So amazing!

Get a massage. I can't be in pain like I was in 2014. I need to get a proper massage to help release the tension I'm holding in my hip flexors and probably many other places I am not aware of! Which brings me to...

Cut back on classes. This seems like a backwards goal, but because I have so many adult ballet class opportunities available to me right now I want to do all of them! I just get so excited! But because I'm having hip flexor issues I need to be slowing down, really working on my placement and using the correct muscles. It's hard to work on that in faster, more difficult classes so I need to listen to my body or it's going to take ballet away from me altogether! I'm allowing myself two classes a week this month and then I'll evaluate in February. If I keep going like I tried to go last year (3 ballet classes a week and 2 beyondbarre classes a week) I am going to end up in a wheelchair!

Do pilates once a week. I started doing this in November after I discovered blogilates on YouTube! I was having a really hard time finding that "belly button to spine" placement from adjusting to my hip pain (can I talk about my hip pain one more time!!) and these pilates workouts have been amazing (specifically this beginners video) for helping me find and maintain that placement. I love doing 100s and roll ups first thing in the morning!

I think these are totally feasible goals for the duration of January and I hope to see progress in a month's time. I'll keep you guys updated!

Do any of you have ballet goals this month? For 2015? I'd love to hear them in the comment section.

- Jana

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