Giving Yoga A Try

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I've tried yoga a couple times in my life and I've never left feeling a strong desire to do it again. The first time the experience was a little for me? The male instructor was wearing short shorts and came over to compliment my flexibility (oh, the good ole days) and proceeded to stradle over my face to help me deepen the stretch. It was just a little too intense, lol.

The second time the room was super hot, which felt good for my muscles, but as you all know I am one of the sweatiest people on the planet so I was literally slipping all over my mat trying to hold a lunge. I got so frustrated, but didn't know at the time about a helpful accessory called the yoga towel.

But after a year of my body taking a beating from my corporate photo/video job, I've gotten to the point where all the massages in the world won't fix my tightness alone! It seems everyone I know that does yoga just feels really good all the time. I wanna feel good all the time!

So I went. My friend Michelle went as well so we could be newbies together. We took a calm Restore & Flow class because I want to start slowwww. Most of the class was spent focusing on breathing, which until then I thought I knew how to do... Wow, was I wrong! Lol. My heart is thanking me because I had no idea how much I was restricting my own breathing with tension!

Here more of my thoughts on the first class (I've been to a couple more since and will continue to update you!) and what I'd like to get out of yoga here!

- Jana

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