Pointe Progress! New Ballet Week Vlog

Thursday, March 12, 2020

In my latest vlog I bring you along for rehearsals and ballet class where I've made some major progress with my mental blocks!

I've been gradually adding in pointe shoes to my Wednesday night Beginner/Intermediate ballet class and this week I did all of center class on pointe! I felt really proud of myself for getting through pique turns, pique arabesques, and even chaine turns without letting my mental blocks get the best of me!! I could not believe it! And then to finish class we did 8 releves to retire on each side, which I was scared of but just told myself to go for it and I actually felt in control for the most part!

I also bring you along for some rehearsals as we gear up for my first adult ballet collective performance of 2020! Stay tuned for an upcoming video where I share more about the performance and my summer intensive plans!

- Jana

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