First Pliés of 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Hi everyone! Jana here. It has been a slow process getting back to the studio in 2018! I only took two classes in the entire month of December while still taking it easy because of my metatarsal injury. I think because I know if I push too hard after a nice break for my feet then I'll just end up back where I started. I would rather ease into it instead of continuing to be totally on a break. Usually this would kill me to know I can't go 110% in class, but maybe it's new 2018 wisdom that has me accepting the scenario instead of focusing on what I can't do!

But because I hadn't exercised much at all in the past month my leg muscles were just disintegrating and I felt so grosssss. Kristin came over on Monday and we did barre with Abby on my iPad. I love the Basic Ballet Barre video for easing back into things. The super slow pliés give you time to think about placement, muscle usage, and just melting into it all.

A nice surprise was that my left hamstring that has been super tight eased up just slightly so I tried to give that some extra attention. I was hoping my metatarsal pain would be almost gone, but it's still there a bit. I think I will look into seeing a podiatrist to make sure this isn't something permanent...I don't know what I would do if that is the case....start seeing a therapist immediately!

Abby wrote a really wonderful post about her goals for 2018 that you can read here. I'm not setting any technique or fitness goals given the uncertain state of my injury, so instead I'm making it a goal to mentally accept what my body is unable to do - meaning if I'm hurting in class, either stop of modify. I hate doing that. And I hate not finishing class. I love pushing my limits in class, but I love being able to dance some more than not at all. So I'm going for the marathon, not the race. I want to still be taking class when I'm 70, and while there are things I still want to accomplish with my dancing while my body is realistically able to, I don't want to put myself in a constant state of pain and not be able to continue.

Here's to health and happiness in our dancing!



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Daneris said...

You may want to check out mat pilates (not reformer), there are very few if any weight bearing exercises in mat pilates.That way you can still get moving without worrying too much about your foot. There are some studios that make it easy focusing the mat classes more on getting the alignment, while others make the classes tougher and a real core workout.

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