Small Progress & Fall is Here!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My gosh, is there anything better feeling than having a good dance day??! As an adult (a currently injured adult), I find a good dance day seems to be more and more of a rare occasion.

In my video last week I updated you all on my injury and loss of my mother-in-law which caused me to take a break from ballet. As I'm easing back to class, I'm modifying and stopping when I feel I'm about to do too much. I'm happy to report that last Monday I was able to add in a tiny more to my class participation! I did some small jumps - did them very small and focused on articulating my feet through the floor. I did okay and it felt so good to keep moving!!

And then because I was feeling okay I thought, "why not put pointe shoes on?!" as one does when they are a crazy-ballet-loving grown woman. I did a few exercises at the barre and definitely felt the leg muscles soreness the next day - yesssss.

I vlogged this whole day so follow along with me as I geek out over fall weather and having a good dance day :)

- Jana

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