Feeling the Adult Ballet Love!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh, do I hope you take the time to watch this vlog! I attend my usual Monday afternoon class and then sit down with my fellow adult ballet friend, Theresa, to share the story of how a girl on YouTube helped her feel like she could come back to ballet, years after retiring from dancing. That girl had blonde hair and was named Jana, and it was over a year after coming back to ballet, making friends with a blonde girl named Jana, that Theresa put together I was the same girl on YouTube!

Abby and I get a lot of comments in this community about how we've helped them find the confidence to come back to or start ballet and it fills our hearts so full. To witness this in person, with someone I have felt "gets" me and my love for ballet is one of the greatest feelings ever.

It's stories like this that make us feel like our videos and social media posts sharing our dance lives is much greater than us. We hope you find your way to the barre or studio or stage if in your heart it's where you have to be!

Much love,

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