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Saturday, May 27, 2017

I am actively working on getting myself back in shape, and I am finally ready to make stretching a priority again. I'm also trying to find resources for my son so he can work on his flexibility this summer before attending his first pre-professional summer intensive at Ballet Austin.

I have been scouring youtube looking at different stretching videos, just because it's always fun to have a new routine or to find some advice that is either new or a good reminder. Here are my top picks at the moment!

I love this little dancer. She has the sweetest voice to guide you through this stretching routine, and she is VERY flexible. Occasionally she makes note of how those of us doing the video probably won't be able to go as far as she can, which is a huge understatement! I really like her sequence, and how she starts with basic neck and upper body stretches. You don't go into the splits until last, and I really like her tip for keeping square in your splits!

I recently discovered Stacey Nemour - a flexibility expert. She has DVDs out, and even a new online course you could splurge for if you had the money for it. The videos that are already up of her on youtube give you some good things you can incorporate into your stretching routine.

I like this video because I love combining the stretching with the weights so you are gaining flexibility and strength at the same time - so important!

I really like this video for hip flexibility, especially her point about not trying to push down on your knees in the butterfly!!

Excellent point about flexing in your stretches, that can be incorporated into almost any stretch you do!

And lastly, here's a 10 Day Flexibility Challenge playlist. I love things that encourage us to commit for an extended length of time, especially with something like stretching that requires daily work to make improvement.

If you're looking to vamp up your stretching this summer, I hope some of these resources help you! Post your favorite stretching resources below!


Jennifer said...

I take stretching classes at SF Bay are circus schools - it's a 90 min class with limited participants and everyone gets great hands on help to get deeper into their stretches, as much as your own body will allow for safe active stretching. It's a great way to increase flexibility - there is a focus on the upper back (great for those sitting at a computer for work all day) and legs / hips. One of the instructors, Catie Brier - offers online coaching via Skype.

Anonymous said...

mobility training is also a great way to improve our flexibility. And I agree if we will do this daily work to make improvement.

Anonymous said...

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