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Friday, April 15, 2016

Our YouTube channel currently has 77 videos and nearly 800,000 views (oh. my. gosh) so we've done some updating to the main page to make finding what you're looking for a bit easier!

In addition to seeing the stream of most recently uploaded videos, we have made six other playlists to categorize our videos.

Popular Uploads

Our most viewed videos. You guys are into pointe shoes! We are too :)

The Well Trained Dancers Series

This is Abby's awesome series on the basics of ballet. She is working through each part of class to break down the how's and what's and why's. Equally great for beginners and advanced dancers!

Ballet Class

This is our newest category since early this year was the first ballet barre video we got to film! Now that we're adding center combinations as individual videos, you can come to this playlist to work your way through ballet class on your own time!


Videos to help with strength and flexibility!

Personal Experiences

Discussions and vlog style videos. Topics range from serious (the ballet/life balance) to light-hearted (what's in our dance bags).

Technique Tips

These videos may eventually become topics in The Well Trained Dancers Series, but for now these videos offer tips for improving individual steps or positions.

We love working on this channel and community and we thank you all so much for watching and contributing!

Jana & Abby

P.S. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here if you haven't done so already!

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