Being a shy dancer

Monday, February 3, 2014

I've always been a shy person. I've overcome a lot of it as I've gotten older, but for some reason I am still shy when it comes to showing emotion with my dancing.

But now with age, I find that when I use my upper body I feel more fulfilled when I'm dancing a combination. I want to start focusing on what my upper body and my head is doing as much as my feet and legs.

I recently saw this Ask Amy post on Pointe magazine's website from a reader asking about her teacher wanting her to use more épaulement. This particular part of Amy's answer really stuck with me:

"Our √©paulement, or upper-body expression, is just as important as our legs and feet—it’s the heart and soul of our dancing, our personal signature."

It's so true. And right now my personal signature says ROBOT.

Because I feel shy to use my upper body in the first place, it makes it really hard for me to put myself out there to ask my teacher for help with this. It means they will start watching me for the one thing I am scared about! Ah! Not to mention how much harder it is to get your placement once you start moving your head around!

But Amy's advice is to start working on it in the mirror at home. I also think that taking pictures or video of yourself could help. Pictures really show you how much more energy you have to put through your body for it to show on camera. Like, you may think you're pointing your foot, but you could be wrong. (Mean Girls reference, anyone??) :)

Any other shy dancers out there who have conquered épaulement and showing emotion? I'd love to hear your advice in the comments below!

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