Review of the Bloch Zenith ballet slipper

Thursday, September 26, 2013

In my video a few weeks ago I talked about a pair of ballet flats that I had just purchased but had not worn to class yet. Since I've had time to wear them a bit I want to share my thoughts on them!

I purchased the Bloch Zenith split sole canvas slipper.

It's a super stretchy shoe and extremely lightweight. It fits snug like a sock. The elastics come pre-sewn, which is a big plus to me because I am lazy when it comes to sewing shoes!
The inside has a strip of elastic down the middle to really hug the arch. I like this feature because my arches are nothing to write home about!
Unfortunately, after these lovely features, I don't have anything else good to say about this shoe :( After wearing them for a couple of classes my heels starting hurting so badly. They hurt so badly that it took all of my concentration away from working on anything else but relieving my heels. That's bad! If I'm going to be dancing for more than an hour (which is usually the case), I can't wear these any longer than that.

Though they do feel similar to wearing a soft sock, I find that they are a bit too thin for me. The thin fabric makes my feet feel vulnerable and it hurts to skim my toes across the floor. I thought I would enjoy my feet feeling "free", but I prefer a bit more support in my shoes, I guess!

The other annoying thing was that the fabric didn't move well with me when doing pirouettes or turns. I found this not only uncomfortable and hindering, but not safe feeling. Though the shoe hugs your foot when you put it on, the fabric is extremely stretchy so it tends to loosen and tighten depending on what you're doing. I could possibly wear these a 1/2 size smaller and that may eliminate some of that.

But here they are on my un-glamourus feet! :) You can see that they do hug the arch very well.

Have you tried these shoes? If so, what are your thoughts? And if you don't wear these shoes, but have a pair that you love, let us know what they are by leaving a comment to this post!

Thanks for reading!


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