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Friday, September 15, 2017

A weekly round up of dance links from the adult ballet community + dance world.

If dancers delivered mail, it would never make it out of the warehouse!

Check out this lovely trailer for Ballet Austin's Romeo + Juliet (Abby's going this weekend and she's super excited!)

If you're uncomfortable taking class with professionals, read this perspective on a professional in a student's class.

Think outside the ballet studio to find a positive perspective in class.

Wendy Whelan's film, Restless Creature, that Jana saw in New York is now available on iTunes!

Abby's been into Ivan Vasiliev videos lately, and you can see why in this video of Flames of Paris.

Two big announcements this week: Robbie Fairchild is leaving NYCB and Daniil Simkin is leaving ABT!

This is an interesting study on aesthetically-relevant body posture changes in performing art over nearly 60 years.

And finally, Ryan Gosling said he takes open ballet classes. Surely somewhere in this community has taken or will take class with him and we better hear about it when you do! :)

And from us at BBN this week:
  • Jana shared on Instagram that she's been taking lower level classes to help work on technique.

    Happy Friday!
    - Jana & Abby

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